Centre Universitaire de Bioinformatique

The Centre Universitaire de Bioinformatique (CUB) favours bringing together both human and material resources within the University of Geneva. CUB can thereby create beneficial conditions for teaching and research in bioinformatics at the University and guarantees:

a) a coordinated effort toward quality teaching of bioinformatics in pre- and post-graduate studies,

b) proper conditions for spreading and harmonising quality research in bioinformatics in the University,

c) within the limits of its means, provide support to other subdivisions of the University for accessing and using bioinformatics resources.

The management and analysis of biological or biomedical data increasingly depend on computer resources which development is known as bioinformatics. Bioinformatics has become essential in many Life Science research projects and particularly in all large-scale studies. All members are of CUB are part of theSIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. SIB and CUB share common goals relative to supporting education and infrastructure for research in life sciences.