CUB started assessing the increasing needs for computer power and storage generated by many applications in biology and medicine. This demand can be met through the submission of equipment grants as well as the commitment of hosting institutions.

On a large scale, financial support from SNF (R'equip) and COINF was granted in 2010-2011 for establishing a local infrastructure for life science in the Faculty of Medicine to support the increase in next generation sequencing technologies and coordinate their connection with the Vital-IT Centre in Lausanne, headed by I. Xenarios. Further effort is invested in that direction.

On a smaller scale, CUB is associated with the Service for Biomathematical and Biostatistical Analyses (BioSC) that provides advice and support for data management and statistical data analysis to the local community of researchers active in the fields of genetics and genomics. Besides, requests for simple bioinformatics tasks to be implemented in biology labs with limited computer means/skills can mailed to us. Contact us...